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Custom Enclosure Gaskets



Protect Your Electronics – and Your Product’s Reputation – with Custom Enclosure Gaskets

To protect your sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, a high-performing gasket – designed to NEMA /IP standards and customized for your enclosure – is critical. With UL50/508 design and materials selected for your specific environmental conditions, you ensure a reliable, long-lasting, leak-tight seal.

UL508A Custom Enclosure Gaskets

Servers, traffic control equipment, water treatment controls and outdoor lighting are among the many areas where conditions can endanger components, create safety hazards, or reduce efficiency.

Enclosures, with doors, ports and accessories, involve irregular mating surfaces that require careful selection of a seal technology to keep your products secure. Such enclosures may involve:

  • Semiconductors

  • Digital equipment

  • Manual, magnetic and solid-state starters and controllers

  • Thermal, magnetic and solid-state overload relays

  • Pushbutton stations, selector switches and pilot lights

  • Control circuit switches and relays

  • Float, flow, pressure and vacuum-operated switches

  • Resistors and rheostats, including those for heating and lighting, and motor

  • Generator fields

  • Proximity switches

  • Time-delay relays and switches

  • Control devices for industrial heating and lighting

  • Programmable controllers

Enclosure gaskets that safeguard your products from outside environmental elements can be designed for ingress protection against human interference, moisture absorption, gases, vapors, dirt, dust and other particulates; to resist mildew, UV and ozone intrusion; and to shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference ( EMI/RFI). Enclosure gaskets can also be designed to block out noise or other interference created by internal components.

A wide selection of materials are available from Web Seal including solid elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers; flexible cellular sponges and foams; O-rings, shaft seals and special forms; composite gasketing; and coated fabrics.

Web Seal’s custom enclosure gaskets meet the following industry standards:

  • UL 157 – Standard for Safety of Gaskets and Seals

  • UL50 /UL50E – Enclosures for Electrical Equipment Standards

  • UL508A – Standard for Industrial Control Equipment/Panels

  • UL94 – Flammability Standards

  • NEMA – rating system of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association regarding types of environments in which electrical enclosures can use used and the ability of fixed enclosures to withstand certain environmental conditions

  • IEC – rating that defines levels of protections against foreign objects entering electrical enclosures

From simple to complex geometry, and from miniature to extra-large sizes, Web Seal can provide the optimal custom enclosure gaskets for your specifications, as well as rapid prototypes and material samples.

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