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Grommets can be either single-piece or two-pieced, and are typically hand-inserted.  Grommets usually serve to:
  • strengthen and protect openings
  • insulate and protect objects passing through openings , where a vulnerable material such as wire could be cut or abraded
  • relieve strain, as with power supply cords, to prevent stressing the connections

Grommets are available in a wide variety of:
  • Sizes -- round, oval, oblong, square or rectangular
  • Materials -- including elastomeric, plastic, or coated metal


Flattened discs or gaskets inserted between joints, under fasteners or bearings are used to prevent leakage or loosening, relieve friction, distribute pressure, or isolate materials.

Other Sealing Products

  • Braided mechanical packing
  • Diaphrams
    • molded
    • die-cut
  • Expansion joints
  • Extrusions
  • Fastener seals
    • Thread seals
    • Stat-O-Seals
  • Shims
    • plastic
    • metal

O-Ring Drive Belts

O-ring belts evolved from flat belts used in early power transmission systems, which wore unevenly and slipped. 

Designed as a circular cross section belt, these specialized O-rings operate in a pulley with a groove in low-torque situations.

Especially useful in 3-D applications, round belts come in various forms:
  • with solid or hollow cores
  • in many standard sizes
  • non-standard lengths can be spliced to your size requirements

Compression Seals

These solid elastomeric rings are static seals in various cross-section configuations, including:
  • D-Rings
  • Delta rings
  • Diamond-shaped rings
  • H-Rings
  • Heart rings
  • Metal seals
  • Rectangular rings
  • T-section rings
  • Tetraseals
  • Trapezoid rings
  • X or multiple rings

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