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Parofluor™ V8545-75 Seals



Space-Age Sealing Material Meets Stringent Spec

Parker Parofluor V8545-75 Seals from Web Seal Inc

Parofluor™ V8545-75, a highly-engineered space-age material from Parker, meets rigorous AMS 7257C standards that aerospace and aircraft manufacturers need for mission-critical sealing applications. This unique perfluorinated compound has proven excellence in thermal stability and resistance to both compression set and fluids and chemicals in extreme temperatures.

V8545-75 is one of the latest of Parker’s Parofluor compounds formulated to provide reliable and cost-effective sealing capability in critical applications where complete conformance to spec and highest performance are required, especially in aerospace and aircraft industries.

Test results show that Parofluor™ V8546-75 Seals:

  • Offer excellent resiliency and retain elasticity to maintain seal integrity and leak-free performance throughout the service temperature envelope

  • Have an upper operating temperature of 300°C (572°F)

  • Provide consistent sealing functionality in conditions where common fluorocarbon and other traditional elastomers cannot survive, with good to excellent resistance to more than 2,000 fluids and chemicals in extreme temperature environments, including these typical aerospace/aircraft fluids:
Parker Parofluor V8545-75 Seals from Web Seal Inc
  • JP-4
  • JP-5
  • JP-8
  • Jet A
  • Jet A1
  • Mobil 254
  • Mil-H-83282
  • Mil-H-5606


Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor JSOH" by Rob Shenk from Great Falls, VA, USA - F-22 Raptor Uploaded by Diaa abdelmoneim. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.

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