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Web Seal Inc.
Rochester, NY

800.366.1320 sales@websealinc.com

O-rings provide reliable leak-free seals and simple installation.  O-rings are an ideal, cost-effective solution for many sealing situations.

An O-ring is a donut-shaped ring of molded, flexible material with a round cross-section that can be either solid or hollow.  These flexible rings are designed to be inserted into a groove (referred to as a gland) where they predictably “de-form” themselves to completely fill the gap in the cavity, creating a perfect seal.
Elegantly simple in function, the classic O-ring is the most popular choice for engineers as an ideal, cost-effective solution for a myriad of sealing challenges.
Best used as a static seal, O-rings provide reliable, leak-free seals with ease of installation.

  • Easy to make
  • Simple to install
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Able to seal huge amounts of pressure
  • Able to withstand wide ranges of temperature
    Low cost

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O-Ring Technical Drawing
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To order O-rings, you need to specify:
• ID (inner dimension)
• CS (cross-section)
• Elastomer
• Durometer (hardness)
When ordering O-rings, elastomeric compounds need to be added to size.

For example: 
Size: 2-210  
Compound: Nitrile 70 durometer

Web Seal provides O-rings in all standard and metric sizes, as well as international and special sizes.
The O-ring sizes on this chart apply only to standard (AN) shrinkage materials, corresponding to AS568A dimensions.  Elastomers with different shrinkage rates will have slightly different dimensions and tolerance rates.
Standard sizes are listed in inches and metric equivalent sizes in millimeters.
Please call or e-mail Web Seal for non-standard sizes.

Select Your O-Ring Material
Every application comes with its own set of service and environmental conditions.  Typically, O-rings are made from an elastomeric composite, but they can also be plastic or metallic.  Please call or e-mail us if you need assistance with material options for your specific application.


  1. Elastomer Selection Guide -- provides a general rule of thumb, to be used with the Size Chart and Chemical Compatibility Guide, to select the most appropriate elastomer. 

  2. Chemical Compatibility Chart -– not yet entered – offers a guide to the chemical compatibility of the elastomers with materials you are sealing.

  3. Temperature Ranges Guide -– gives the typical range of service temperatures for the majority of media for suggested materials.

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