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Web Seal Inc.
Rochester, NY

800.366.1320 sales@websealinc.com



Another type of static seal highly useful in a wide range of environments is a gasket.  These flat mechanical seals are commonly used to prevent leakage between two flanges while under compression.



  • Ability to withstand high compressive loads (2000 psi or higher)
  • Nearly unlimited range of materials
  • Unlimited variety of standard and custom shapes to fit any application

Web Seal offers gaskets in:

  • Sizes from 0.25 inch to 10 feet
  • Low-volume to high-volume runs

Many applications lend themselves to a custom cut shape that accomplish precise sealing, packaging or placement needed by your component or equipment.

Custom Die Cuts

Web Seal fabricates custom gaskets and other die-cut products tailored for your unique design requirements.  Upload your drawings or blueprints or request our free design and engineering assistance.
On occasion, we make "house calls," such as dispatching a team to a customer site where we hand cut larger-than-life gaskets for a power generation facility.
Over the years, we have even die-cut a variety of non-sealing products for customers -- from tree ornaments and table favors to game pieces.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Steel-rule die cut
  • Lathe cut
  • Laser cut
  • Water-jet cut
Material Selection

A wide variety of materials can be fabricated into gaskets, including cork, rubber, foam, EMI/RFI, shims and TeflonTM.

Tooling Types

  • compound dies
  • hybrid dies
  • steel-rule dies

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