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UL508A Custom Enclosure Gaskets

Custom Enclosure Gaskets

To protect your sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, a high-performing gasket designed to NEMA /IP standards and customized for your enclosure is critical. With UL50/508 design and materials selected for your specific environmental conditions, you ensure a reliable, long-lasting, leak-tight seal. [more]

Press-in-Place Seals (PiP)

Press-in-Place Seals

Press-in-Place (PiP) or "drop-in-place" seals are static seals that overcome installation issues and sealing performance problems common with many typical face seal products, such as an O-ring. PiP incorporates precision-cut ribs or nibs on the outside or inside diameter of an extruded or molded seal with a rectangular cross-section, which keeps the seal firmly in the seal groove regardless of its functional position and without adhesives. [more]

Thermal Management Seals

Thermal Management Seals

Custom-engineered thermal management seals dissipate heat and insulate electronic components from EMI/RFI interference, improving the dependability of your electronic product designs. [more]

Space Shuttle O-Rings

The Importance of Seals

... while our customers many think of the parts they specify and purchase as 'just an O-Ring,' we know differently... what we do every day has a meaningful impact on the lives and safety of our customers and theirs. [more]

Sealing Design Technology Seminars

Sealing Design Technology Seminars

Web Seal can enhance your knowledge of sealing design technology to help you improve your product designs with seminars tailored to your industry, your company or your specific project. [more]

FKM Fluoroelastomer Seals

FKM Fluoroelastomer Seals

Designing sealing protection for harsh environments remains a continuing challenge in many industries. One of the best solutions for long-term efficiency and reliability is the use of fluorocarbon elastomers (FKMs). [more]

Space-Age Parofluor™ V8546-75 Seals

Parker Parofluor V8545-75 Seals from Web Seal Inc

Parofluor™ V8545-75, a highly-engineered space-age material from Parker, meets rigorous AMS 7257C standards that aerospace and aircraft manufacturers need for mission-critical sealing applications. [more]

Creating a Perfect Oil Seal

A good oil or radial shaft seal is designed to either keep oils or other fluids from leaking out of a mechanical component or to keep contaminants from finding their way in, and many times both. [more]

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