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Have a sealing application?  Whether you want to seal contaminants out of your equipment – or contain fluids, particulates, gases, light, or noise – shield EMI/RFI – or have some unique application, the seal technology you choose is critical to your success.  Let our experts help with your design.
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Web Seal provides
O-rings in all standard AS568A and metric sizes and in more than 30 elastomer types.  We also offer O-ring drive belts, custom sizes and customized elastomeric compounds.

Custom Die Cut Gaskets

WebSeal cuts gaskets to your specifications in nearly any material.  We offer quick turnaround on prototypes as well as ANSI standard ring and full-face flange gaskets.  We offer both simple and complex die-cut gaskets, as well as waterjet, laserjet and lathe cuts.

Plastic Seals

More complex sealing devices, including rotary, reciprocating, and oscillating seals, provide high performance in an endless variety of seal geometries.  Dynamic seal designs use a variety of materials, including elastomers, metal, plastics, and combinations of bonded materials.

Sealing Products - Braided Packing

Web Seal provides a large assortment of products that perform in a wide range of other sealing applications, from expansion joints to fastener seals, quad rings to spliced O-rings, and pump packings to adhesives and RTVs.

Related products such as O-ring kits, shims, spacers and tubing are also available.

Check out our Featured Articles

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